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All short Videos I do will be put up to our FaceBook page and our U-Tube page   

    Slideshow Videos for TWO Nights--$25.00 Up to 45 Min --For ONE Night $18.00  Up to Half an Hour

Standard DVD for the TWO days Whole Meeting----- $35.00-----Videos for ONE day $25.00

 On Blueray full high Definition for the TWO days Whole Meeting----- $50.00-----Videos for ONE day $40.00

On Blueray Full High Definition in 3D for the TWO days----- $50.00-----Videos for ONE day $45.00

Specials just the class you want DVD $30.00 per-day Blueray & 3D $50.00 per-day




Web-site last changed on the 14-11-17 ( ALL photos from BIS Saturday 4th Nov 2017 has now been uploaded) 




6x4 $3.00 Postage Free

7x5 $5.00 Postage Free

6x8 $10.00 Postage $1.50

12x8 $18.00 Postage $3.50

12x8 $22.00 Postage $3.50 (Includes Laminating)

12x18 $40.00 Postage 

12x24  $65.00 Postage 

Digital photos on a disk in standard Res $25 a photo Emailed

Fully Framed 12x8 Photo  $80.00

Fully Framed 12x18 Photo  $180.00

I can also do Canvas photos price on application  

And for the 12x18 and 12x24 if you are close at hand to my address I will deliver them 

as to many of the large photos have gone missing from Oz Post

Unfortunately All photos that are outside of this will be registered  for an extra cost of $15.00 


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For all videos for next Season at BIS please call

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For all Videos at Gatton Speedway


This company does first rate work and is fully recommended by us (Check out there Website)






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