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2018--2019 Speedway Season Photos

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25th August BIS: First practice for the new season
8th September BIS: Practice No2 for the season
22nd " BIS: First Meeting for the season (Sprintcars,Midgets,Compacts and More)
27th October BIS: Sprintcars, Midgets,F500s,AMCAs and Sedans
10th November BIS: Sprintcars,F500s,Compacts,Wingless,Lighting Sprints.
24th " BIS: Sprintcars,Midgets,Wingless,F500j,Sedans.
1st December BIS: Sprintcars,V8 Dirt Mods,F500s,Micros,LateModels Sedans
8th " BIS: Sprintcars,Midgets,AMCAs,Modlites,Sedans








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