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Welcome to The Carrells web-site


I'm Coral    I'm John  

   We both hope that you get great enjoyment in looking through the pages on our website. It's based an all the tracks that we visit throughout Queensland and the northern NSW to take pics. This coming season will be an exciting season for us as we will be travelling as far a field as WA with the Modified Productions for there Australian Title check the link out for news updates on the series. We hope to capture some great shots throughout the series so look out for them they will be coming soon.

    Well just a little bit about us we both have had very strong interest in photography, myself close to 40 years and Coral between 15 to 20 years. Behind the lenses is such a buzz watching the action unfold before us and hoping to capture that unexpected shot .But keeping in mind also that we don't become part of the action ourselves 

     Speedway has become a big part of our lives me I started in 1962 in New Zealand and Coral in Australia around 1982 we both drove sedan classes here and worked as officials in speedway at Brisbane. But I must say we both now find great pleasure in all the travelling we do. The atmosphere at these smaller tracks is really welcoming with the locals always putting on a good show. Keep it up guys.

     Well with the new season coming up we hope you will enjoy our new look website and the new season of photos that will creep onto the pages after each meeting that we attend. Maybe you might be Photo of the week check it out

     See ya at the track

     John & Coral

PS. The All Blacks rule

and so

Do the Black Caps















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